5-Letter Words Ending in RAT

We’ve compiled a list of all the 5-letter words that end with RAT to help you with your next Wordle!

Losing their Wordle streak doesn’t make anyone happy. Although the world is not ending, the feeling is not far off.
How many five-letter words can you come up with right off the top of your head, that have RAT at the end? You’ll probably spend a lot of time assembling them all since there are so many of them. Even so, it’s a given that you don’t know or can’t recall everything.

Five-Letter Words ending in RAT

Here is the whole list of 5-letter words that have RAT at the end. You should also be aware of the letters that aren’t in the answer, so by combining what you know and don’t know, you should be able to identify several solutions. This list should help you start to eliminate some of the options.

The List of 5-Letter Words Ending In RAT

  • barat
  • berat
  • carat
  • cerat
  • curat
  • darat
  • derat
  • herat
  • jurat
  • karat
  • kerat
  • merat
  • morat
  • murat
  • scrat
  • sprat
  • surat

The list of 5-letter words that have RAT at the end is now complete, and it should help you in finishing the Wordle problem you’re engaged on. This should have at least slightly lessened the irritation and increased the enjoyment.

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